• Can we afford a custom home?
    Yes you can afford a new custom home.
    If you can afford to build a new custom home, then you can afford to buy a true custom home that fits the specific needs of you and your family. Custom Homes are expensive to build in today's market. This venture is not for everybody.

  • Can you give us a per square foot price?
    No, unfortunately we do not believe in this type of pricing. This approach is only useful for very broad comparisons. There are many different amenities that can either lower or raise the price of your new home. After we get a number of details worked out, we will build a budget exclusively for your new home and you will know exactly what it costs to build the exact home you want.

  • We have an image of the home we want; Can Liberty help us organize our thoughts and drawings?
    Liberty specializes in helping Clients through the design process by actively participating with Architects and Designers in all phases of the blueprint stage. We manage this entire process and will work with you in many different ways to accomplish this goal and we are very good at this process as we are design build specialists. We will work to create a set of drawings for a custom project that you can afford to build within a specified amount of money that you decide upon.

  • Will Liberty over see the lot site work for me?
    Absolutely, as this is a normal part of our process and there is no extra charge for this, as other builders will charge big money to handle this for you. We feel its important to be involved in everything related to the construction of your new home in order to insure that everything comes together as it was planned from the beginning.

  • We already have construction drawings; Will Liberty build on our property?
    Yes, Liberty builds quality custom homes and in many different areas throughout the region as we are true spot lot builders. We do not build entire subdivisions and we do not build ''spec'' homes. If you already have blueprints that’s great and we will work with you to make sure they are 100% complete. We will make sure they are acceptable to obtain a building permit and we will make sure they contain all the needed information that we will need in order to build the project.

  • How long does it take to get the building permit?
    This is a very ‘’loaded ‘question as everything depends on the location of your project. From start to finish this process could take a few weeks or even several months. Projects within the critical bay area could take up to 10 months to get approval. We have good relationships with many people in these agencies and this goes a long way towards reaching the goal quickly.

  • We need help in finding a bank for our construction loan; Does Liberty have financial institutions that we can work with to fund our construction loans?
    Liberty works with and has very special relationships with several banks and financial institutions that will fund construction and permanent loans. They enjoy dealing with our clients who receive the utmost respect as they realize the value of dealing with our type of customers. These types of lenders tend to offer our clients ‘’SPECIAL’’ terms that result in lower down payments and lower interest rates than other lenders.

  • When does the actual construction process start and how long will it take?
    House construction will start immediately after the various permits and your construction loan are approved, as we will have monitored the process closely. Every house is different in relation to time and our contract with you will show an expected completion date.

  • Who handles the various government inspections on the house during construction?
    Liberty handles everything related to the construction process, to include all inspections. We will meet the inspectors from the various agencies and keep you posted on the results.

  • How long is the warranty on our new home and what does it cover?
    The warranty period is lengthy, and begins from the date you move in. The warranty covers defective materials, products, and labor. All warranties from manufacturers belong to the Owner and may vary in length. It is best to refer to your specific contract as warranty specifications may change for each project. Many of the Subcontractors involved in your project are required to carry multi-year warranties by the Government agencies that issue their licenses. You may also elect to buy a 2-10 outside warranty that Liberty can arrange for you.

  • What types of contracts do you offer?
    We offer both Construction Management and fixed price type Contracts to our Clients in order to better protect our Clients and to provide a superior service that increases quality and reduces costs. The Liberty system provides our clients with a true custom home project that will save them approximately 10% to 18% off what our competitors will charge.

  • What happens when we want to change our drawings or specifications during construction?
    This happens all the time during the construction process. We simply execute a change order reflecting the additional work and create a budget. It is best to refer to your specific contract as to the change order process. We normally charge a modest flat fee for each change. Your architect will sometimes charge a modest fee for their services.

  • How can we be assured that there will be no cost over runs while constructing our new home?
    The detailed specifications book that we prepare for your new custom home project outlines everything going into your new home and the construction budget that you approve will take everything into consideration. Unless you make changes to the budget, or unless you make specific selections that exceed the budget, then your costs will stay the same. You are the boss and in control of the money to be spent.

  • We work full time jobs, so how will we have the time to devote to building a custom home?
    We are trained and experienced professionals that know how to manage the process from design through construction so as to have a minimal impact on your work or personal schedule. Meetings are scheduled at your convenience and are organized to typically review multiple topics so as to have maximum results.

  • We are not sure about some of the "exact" items we want within our home. How do we sign a contract without these details?
    We are very aware of this and we have a detailed system that allows you to select "exact" items as the building process moves forward. We do not want you to know everything at the start because we want to open your mind to all of the possibilities and work with you to create a true work of art. Specific selections are made as we build the project.

  • Who will help me make decisions on the "exact" items that will go into my new custom home?
    Our immediate staff and our various design partners work with you to make sound decisions that fit within your budget and come together to make the home a true dream home. Your master builder, Kevin G. Philpot, also helps in many ways, as he has an excellent amount of design and selection experience.

  • Is it possible to make changes after construction of my home has been started?
    Sure, why not? Yes it is very possible, and we understand that most traditional builders do not like to make changes, but that is not our way of doing things. You have worked hard in your life’s journey to get to this point and you deserve to have what you want from a new home. We will always need two things from you, Time and of course Money. When you have both of things, you can pretty much get whatever you need. Many times these changes do not require extra money, just time to get the work completed.

  • Why build a custom home with Liberty, instead of buying a home from a national company who advertises they will build us a custom home?
    It's about terminology and their interpretation of "custom". There are a great deal of builders who ‘’SAY’’ they build custom homes, but reality is, there are very few true custom home builders. We give our clients options that are available to them from many different sources that are worldwide. Our clients can have anything their hearts desire. The national builders offer a few "options" and they offer only what is convenient for them, never giving you the chance to have anything outside of the options they offer you. We do not have a model home and any builder that has one is not a true custom builder in our opinion.