Mediterranean on the Potomac

We are preparing to pour the concrete basement walls. We are using
ICF Construction methods and materials here. The basement foundation
walls will be 17 1/4″ thick once we are finished.

019 - Copy

Here you can see the forms we are using to create ICF Construction. Much like Lego’s, they click together and form the actual “pockets” where we will pour the concrete.

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Mediterranean on the Potomac

We have finished removing the bad soils and we have removed almost
200 dump truck loads of bad dirt and mucky soils. Now you can see where
we have been bringing in the massive amount of stone that we will
use to build the new engineered pad for the new house to sit on.

 100_5216 - Copy 100_5210 - Copy

Here you will see the first phase of the stone placement has been completed and the engineered building pad is well underway. The house will have a swimming pool in the basement and here you can see that we have built the forms for the pool, and we are getting ready to shoot the concrete “gunite” pool.

100_5224 - Copy

The Hinge House

The Project is coming to completion and we are really happy about the quality of the work thus far. In this picture below you can see the beauty of the interior ceiling and beams. This “White Wash” look was designed to compliment the Mahogany windows.


The picture below shows the exterior of the project at the front elevation
and the Hardie Plank Siding. The siding is a pre-painted cementious siding
that will never rot. Notice the siding in between the house and the garage is a
lighter and totally different color than the rest of the house.

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