Pool House On The River


Here we have an old contemporary looking house that needed
to be torn down because it had sustained a lot of damage. It was not worth saving.
We are preparing to tear it down and start a whole new house.


The old house is down and the new house begins!
We have been designing a new house that will include a large pool that is 60 feet long. There will be a large deck around the pool and the view will be amazing.


The Woods of Mt. Oak

As we come out of winter and towards the completion of the project, we work hard to complete the exterior and the interior at the same time with multiple crews.


The kitchen is almost completed and the
various lighting aspects are looking really good.


The fireplace in the great room is a true work of art
and very unusual with its multiple mantles.


The basement is almost finished and its a party area for sure. The floors are polished, the bar is done, and the four sided fireplace is the only one in the region.


Mediterranean On The Potomac

As we move the the project into drywall, we perform a series of
frame checks to insure quality in the rough framing.


The stairs were custom made for the project and have now been set.


Here in the basement we have prepped the swimming pool that will be in the basement and installed various pieces of equipment. Moisture is our biggest concern in a project such as this and the way we manage it is very important


The Woods Of Mt. Oak

Here you can see some pictures of the roof system being installed from a perspective from inside the house. The roof is a massive piece of work that is truly a work of art.



Here is an interior shot of the massive kitchen area and the 2 doors and the 2 sided fireplace area, that will be located at the end of the room.


The Woods of Mt. Oak

We have finally poured the foundation, it was a great day with over 20 concrete trucks and over 200 yards of concrete. This is a picture of the pump truck getting ready to pump the concrete.


Here is a picture of the massive amount of steel wall panels that we had to fill up with concrete to create the foundation.


This picture below shows you what the concrete foundation looks like once the steel forms are removed. The concrete is now curing and will reach its maximum strength in approximately 28 days. By code, we must wait a minimum of 7 days before putting dirt against the foundation.


Mediterranean on the Potomac

Here you can see the massive crane that we used to set the house steel.


The picture below shows the massive steel beams that are set in place and ready for the floor to be installed. Some of these steel beams we are using are 18″ inches tall and this size steel beam is unheard of with typical residential construction.


Here you can see that the steel beams are so large that they
can not be unloaded without the help of the crane.

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